Bethel Creative

Who We Are and What We Do

Each week, our goal is to create worship experiences that are innovative, inspiring and accessible.

Bethel Creative takes the raw material of sound, movement and equipment, and rearranges them for the purpose of human flourishing and for worshipping the ultimate Creator.

We believe God takes the raw materials of our gifts and talents and rearranges them to create an atmosphere where His presence can dwell.

We believe the difference between praise and performance is the posture of the heart.

We are a family, a creative community, and have chosen to join our God on the journey in the renewal of all things. 


Performance Arts 

  • Drama
  • Dance***

Technical Arts

  • Sound***
  • Lights**
  • Camera Director
  • Camera Switcher
  • Camera Operator Video Editor***

Behind the Scenes

  • Stage Manager
  • Stage Assistants
  • Props
  • Costume Creator
  • Make-up***
  • Painting***
  • Graphic Design***
  • Photographer***
  • Set Construction***

Worship Team

  • Band*
  • Vocals*


  •  Alto
  • Soprano
  • Tenor
  • Baritone


*Audition required
**Prior experience preferred ***Prior experience required 

For more information or to volunteer, download the Bethel Creative information packet here!

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